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On a shiny Thursday last week, I was kindly invited to Kaiana Spa for a 2.5 hours pampering session and to try Kaiana Indulgence spa package. The ‘Kaiana Indulgence’ is the ultimate lavish experience

, involving two therapists working in perfect unison to deliver a series of treatments and massage to relax both body and mind. Kaiana Spa is charming, with its clean white interior that embrace purity. My first impression of this spa is pure elegance. The courtesy and professionalism not to mention warmth of Kaiana therapist blew me away. The decor itself makes for a luxurious setting for whatever pampering your heart desires! The spa is located located in Seminyak, Bali and situated at the 2nd floor of the famous restaurant Made’s Warung. Away from the lively activity below it, I personally think Kaiana Spa is a hidden jewel in Seminyak. Kaiana Spa has just opened recently and it already attracts international and domestic tourists. When I arrived, I was promptly greeted by the receptionist (even though I was 30 minutes early for my appointment) and she led me to the treatment room. I then went over to my room, directed by my therapist, and it a sturdy bed lined with red towels for extra comfort. It was pretty dim and the darkness made everything a lot more relaxing massage Kaiana Spa and Salon.

They also have a private bathroom in every treatment room for those of you who hate the oily feeling after massages!!!

And there I go for my massage! The therapists, Tini and Wini, were very careful during the whole treatment and asked me how much strength I would prefer. Of course I went with the hardest. My tolerance for pain is too damn high… Just like with spicy food. I had the most relaxing 150 minutes just lying there and enjoying Kaiana Indulgence Spa Package, which consist of Massage, Scrub, Facial and Foot Massage. The room was completely dimmed out and the aircon was cold, but not the kind that would send shivers down my spine. The towels provided some warmth and because suddenly it was raining heavily outside, I felt extremely snuggly in the massage bed!

After the massage..sage this was me!

As a spa destination, Kaiana Spa also features private reflexology room, a beauty room and three treatment rooms each equipped with advanced spa technology and also bright and spacious manicure and pedicure room.

Kaiana Spa and Salon Rooms With a large range of nail polish colors and an extensive menu of treatments that I look forward to trying, I can’t wait for my next visit to Kaiana Spa!
Kaiana Spa and Salon 3

Thanks Kaiana Spa for the treat that day!! Kaiana Spa operates 7 days a week, so you know where to head if you’re looking for a massage to cure those aches at night and use your BackinBali membership card, which will entitle you to 20 % off for the massage treatment.


Jl. Raya Seminyak, Made’s Warung 2nd floor

Phone : 0361-730562

email: info@kaianaspa.com


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