Hair Spa

Traditional Cream Bath Treatments

Hair wash followed by a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage using a thick coating of conditioning cream.

Hair Growth Activation

Ginseng Cream Bath Treatment Soak in the fortifying power of ginseng infused conditioning cream bath designed to hydrate the hair and scalp and stimulate hair growth. For thinning hair and hair fall prevention.

Replenishing Boost

For an alluring experience, this cream bath harnesses the natural benefits of green tea extract which is enriched with antioxidants. For chemically treated or stressed hair.

Moisture Wrapping

This decadent cream bath is specially formulated to nourish the hair from the inside out through a combination of massage techniques and aloe vera plant extracts. For oily or greasy hair.

Deep Conditioning

Enjoy the high nutrient qualities of Avocado in this lavish cream bath enriched with vitamin E to help balance moisture levels of the hair and scalp. For dry or damaged hair.

Hair Perfection L’Oreal

Enriched with water lily and purified water, this deep moisturising cream bath intensely nourishes your hair from the inside and out. Penetration is the key so while the cream is working on softening, strengthening and glossing your hair, the therapist’s fingers work magic on your neck and shoulders. For all hair types.

Luxe Cream Bath Treatments

A mousturising cream bath concoction is applied and left to penetrate the hair while the therapist massage your head. Hot stone is used to massage your muscles around your neck, back and hands. Will help restore your energy. For all hair types.

Extra Supplements

*Prices are subject to 12.5% tax