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Facial Bali

You know the feeling when your face has simply lost its glow, and regardless of how many expensive moisturisers you use, it’s simply not enough to look and feel fresh again. Especially in Bali, your face is exposed to a lot of humidity and pollution, a regular facial treatment is recommended. Question is, where do you have the best facial in Bali, and what treatment is best suited for your skin?

A basic facial in Bali would require a skin treatment to cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin cells, and treat common skin concerns with a custom mask. This process is meant to rejuvenate and nourish your face, making skin appear healthier and younger.

Facial Bali

At Kaiana Spa we take this process to the next level as we provide an extensive range of facial treatments, depending on your skin’s urgent needs – deep cleansing, anti-aging, detoxify and hydrate. It’s important to choose the right treatment, because each skin is different. Upon your arrival at our spa, we ensure to talk you through all the different treatments we offer, and to match that to what your ultimate goal is. Our facials are extremely relaxing and happen to be our client’s top choice of treatment.

Our mission is to make you look and feel fabulous after each facial treatment and leave our spa happy with the result.

Facial Bali

Using only products that have technologically advanced formulas to fast-track your results, our facials are recognised as the most effective facials in Bali due to the intensive care we give in our treatments. From the moment you step into our spa, till the second you leave, you will understand that attention to details and your relaxation are our priority.

You can have a look at our list of facial treatments here: link If you have any questions regarding any of these treatments or if you’d like top book, please email us at info@kaianaspa.com